Intimacy of Creativity - The Bright Sheng Partnership: Composers Meet Performers in Hong Kong 2019

「創意間的親暱」- 盛宗亮與國際作曲家/演奏家聚會香港2019

Deadline extended to 11:59PM 31 October, 2018!




Hailed by the Financial Times as a festival with a “finely hewn sense of craft,” Intimacy of Creativity – The Bright Sheng Partnership: Composers Meet Performers in Hong Kong (IC) returns for another innovative season from 22 April to 5 May, 2019, presented in partnership with the renowned Curtis Institute of Music!

Intimacy of Creativity explores the creative process through public, in-depth Open Discussions on the campus of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST), which presents the festival. The revised compositions are formally presented at Preview Concerts on the campus of HKUST, and World Premiere Concerts are held in renowned venues in downtown Hong Kong.

The 2019 season launches a first-ever two-year partnership between HKUST and the Curtis Institute of Music. IC Founder and Artistic Director Bright Sheng (HKUST Jockey Club Institute for Advanced Study Helmut and Anna Pao Sohmen Professor-at-Large) is joined by:

  • Distinguished Guest Artist Roberto Díaz (President and CEO of the Curtis Institute of Music and Grammy-winning violist)

  • Distinguished Guest Composer Jennifer Higdon, (Milton L Rock Chair in Composition Studies and alumni at Curtis and Pulitzer Prize-winning composer)

  • Distinguished Guest Composer David Ludwig (Curtis Chair of Composition Studies, Director of the Curtis 20/21 Ensemble and noted composer)

  • Guest Artist Ju-Young Baek (Curtis alum and professor of violin at the Seoul National University)

  • Ensemble-in-Residence, Curtis 20/21 Ensemble, including: Vera Quartet (Quartet in residence at the Curtis Institute of Music); Andrew Moses, clarinet; and Zitong Wang, piano

  • Additional guest artists from Hong Kong

IC2019 is co-presented by the HKUST School of Humanities and Social Science and HKUST Hong Jockey Club Institute for Advanced Studytogether with institutional partner Curtis Institute of Music. The season is presented with support from Helmut and Anna Pao Sohmen in collaboration with Curtis on Tour, the Nina von Maltzahn Global Touring Initiative of the Curtis Institute of Music, and media partners, Radio Television Hong Kong, and Naxos Music Group. Generous support for the Curtis 20/21 Ensemble is provided by the Daniel W. Dietrich II Foundation.





  • 傑出客席藝術家-羅伯特・迪亞茲(柯蒂斯音樂學院院長、獲格萊美獎中提琴演奏家);

  • 傑出客席藝術家-珍妮花・希格頓(米爾頓・L・洛克作曲系主任、柯蒂斯校友和普立茲音樂獎得主);

  • 傑出客席作曲家-大衛・路德維希(柯蒂斯作曲系主任,柯蒂斯20/21樂團總監和著名作曲家);

  • 客席藝術家-Ju-Young Baek(柯蒂斯校友和首爾國立大學小提琴教授)

  • 駐校樂團-柯蒂斯20/21樂團,包括:維拉四重奏(柯蒂斯音樂學院駐校四重奏);單簧管家安德魯・摩西和鋼琴家王紫桐

  • 其他香港客席藝術家

創意間的親暱」2019由香港科技大學人民及社會科學學院和香港科技大學賽馬會高等研究院聯同學院伙伴-柯蒂斯音樂學院合辦。今個樂季由蘇海文及夫人包陪慶贊助與Curtis on Tour合作,柯蒂斯音樂學院的Nina von Malzahn全球巡迴演出。媒體合作伙伴包括香港電台和拿索斯音樂集團。Daniel W. Dietrich II基金會為柯蒂斯20/21樂團提供慷慨支助。

Eligibility and Guidelines

  1. Up to six (6) Composer Fellows will be selected to participate in season events

  2. Applicants MUST be between the ages of 20 and 35 at the time of the festival

  3. Selected Composer Fellows MUST be willing to work with Bright Sheng and Guest Artists to make necessary revisions to their score and parts BEFORE events begin

  4. Selected Composer Fellows MUST also be comfortable working with Bright Sheng and Guest Artists DURING PUBLIC, OPEN DISCUSSIONS to make additional necessary revisions to score and parts before the final public concert presentations


  1. 最多六位作曲家將獲選參與今季相關的活動。

  2. 申請人必須年齡在20至35歲之內的新晉作曲家

  3. 獲選作曲家們必須願意與盛宗亮和其他客席藝術家合作並在活動之前對其作品做出必要修改

  4. 獲選作曲家們必須願意與盛宗亮和其他客席藝術家在公開排練活動中討論其作品,並在正式演出之前作出必要修改。


Each selected Composer Fellow will be offered:

  1. Round-trip economy airfare to Hong Kong

  2. Accommodation

  3. Per diem



IC2019 Radio Broadcast and Naxos Digital Services Release

  1. World Premiere Concerts featuring the works of selected Composer Fellows will be broadcast on Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK) Radio 4, the media partner of the Intimacy of Creativity and HKUST

  2. Performance recordings of featured works of selected Composer Fellows may be released on the Naxos Digital Services and related third party digital service providers including Spotify and Apple Music


  1. 兩場世界首演音樂會均會由創意間的親暱」和香港科技大學的電台合作伙伴,香港電台第四台廣播。

  2. 演出的錄音或會於拿索斯電子服務發佈,以及相關的第三方數位服務供應商,包括Spotify和Apple Music。

Curtis Institute of Music Collaboration

  1. One participating Composer Fellow selected will be selected via World Premiere Concert audience vote to have their featured work presented at the Curtis Institute of Music during the 2019-20 season


  1. 其中一位獲選作曲家的獲選作品有機會於柯蒂斯音樂學院樂季中演出。

HKUST Composer-in-Residence/Visiting Scholar

One Composer Fellow may be offered a one-year position at HKUST as Composer-in-Residence/Visiting Scholar in the Division of Humanities for the 2019-20 academic year




  1. Each composer may submit up to 3 instrumental chamber works for 2-6 performers drawn from the following instrumentation: clarinet (no bass-clarinet), 2 violins, viola, violoncello, piano (two hands only)

  2. Only ONE work from each selected Composer Fellow will be featured on the IC2019 season

  3. Works incorporating electronic elements WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED

  4. Each work submitted should be no longer than 8 minutes in duration

  5. Past IC Composer Fellows are INELIGIBLE to apply


  1. 每位作曲家最多可遞交三首為2至6件樂器的室內樂作品,每首最多可用的配器如下:單簧管(不切低音單簧管),兩支小提琴,中提琴,大提琴和鋼琴(只限1人演奏)。

  2. 每位獲選作曲家只有其中一首作品將被入選「創意間的親暱」2019樂季。

  3. 不接受電子音樂元素。

  4. 每首作品不長於8分鐘

  5. 不接受過往「創意間的親暱」的作曲家成員的申請。


  1. All submissions will be reviewed by a First-Round Selection Panel

  2. Final Round Selection will be made by Artistic Director Bright Sheng, who may request initial revisions be made prior to confirmation of selection


  1. 所有提交的作品均會由首輪遴選小組挑選,小組包括香港著名音樂家。

  2. 最後一輪遴選將由藝術總監盛宗亮挑選,確認選擇之前有可能要求進行初步修訂。

Submission Materials

Composers are asked to submit the following via the online submission form below by the receipt deadline:

  1. Legible, professionally-prepared score(s) AND parts for each work submitted (PDF format only)

  2. Though not necessary, the composer may also send accompanying performance recordings of the submitted work(s) if available (MP3 format only)

  3. CV, including education background and contact information (only) for two (2) professional references (PDF format only)

  4. Program note in English (and Chinese, if available) for each work submitted – maximum 150 words/100 Chinese characters (PDF format only)

  5. Biography in English (and Chinese, if available) – maximum 200 words/150 Chinese characters (PDF format only)

  6. High-resolution color headshot (at least 1MB in size)

Label submitted files using the following format:

  1. a. Score PDF file(s): IC2019.[Surname].[Name].[work title].pdf

  2. Part PDF files: IC2019.[Surname].[Name].[work title].pdf

  3. Recording MP3 file(s): IC2019.[Surname].[ Name].[work title].mp3

  4. CV PDF file: IC2019.[Surname].[ Name].CV.pdf



  1. 每首遞交的作品,必須是清晰以及專業準備好的總譜(只限PDF格式)

  2. 若有作品錄音,亦可附上(只限MP3格式)

  3. 一份個人簡歷,並註明出生年月日,以及,兩位推薦人的姓名及聯絡方式(只限PDF格式)

  4. 每首作品的英文(及中文,如有)作品簡介 - 最多150字/中文字100個

  5. 英文(及中文,如有)個人簡介 - 最多200字/中文字150字

  6. 高解像度的彩色頭像照片(至少1MB大小)


  1. 作品總譜的檔案:【姓】.【名】.【作品名稱】.pdf

  2. 作品分譜的檔案:【姓】.【名】.【作品名稱】.pdf

  3. 作品錄音的檔案:【姓】.【名】.【作品名稱】.mp3

  4. 個人簡歷的檔案:【姓】.【名】.CV.pdf


  1. 11:59PM (Hong Kong Time) 31 October, 2018 (Wednesday): Deadline to submit e-application via link below

  2. Dec, 2018: Notification of short-listed Composer Fellows and phone consultation with Bright Sheng regarding initial revisions to selected works

  3. Dec, 2018: Deadline to submit final revised scores and parts for short-listed candidates for final consideration

  4. Jan, 2019: Announcement of final selected Composer Fellows

  5. 22 – 26 April, 2019: IC2019 Week 1 Open Discussions (HKUST)

  6. 27 April, 2019: IC2019 Preview Concert 1 (HKUST)

  7. 28 April, 2019: IC2019 World Premiere Concert 1 (Concert Hall, Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts)

  8. 29 April – 3 May, 2019: IC2019 Week 2 Open Discussions (HKUST)

  9. 4 May, 2019: IC2019 Preview Concert 2 (HKUST)

  10. 5 May, 2019: IC2019 World Premiere Concert 2 (Concert Hall, Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts)


  1. 11:59PM (香港時間) 十月三十一日,2018(星期三):請於截止日期之前透過網上報名

  2. 十二月,2018:入圍作曲家將獲通知以及盛宗亮將會以電話形式進行對作品修改的磋商

  3. 十二月初,2018:入圍作曲家遞交修改後的總譜和分譜,從中選出獲選作曲家

  4. 一月初,2019:公布獲選作曲家

  5. 四月二十二至二十六日,2019:於香港科技大學進行第一週公開排練

  6. 四月二十七日,2019:預演音樂會1,於香港科技大學舉辦

  7. 四月二十八日,2019:世界首演音樂會1,於香港演藝學院音樂廳舉辦

  8. 四月二十九至五月三日,2019:於香港科技大學進行第二週公開排練

  9. 五月四日,2019:預演音樂會2,於香港科技大學舉辦

  10. 五月五日,2019:世界首演音樂會2,於香港演藝學院音樂廳舉辦


Intimacy of Creativity – The Bright Sheng Partnership: Composers Meet Performers in Hong Kong
School of Humanities and Social Science, Rm 2359
The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Clear Water Bay, Kowloon
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