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  • San Diego


January 26, 2019 @ 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Camarada invites you to join us in Barrio Logan for a unique moment in time – a one of a kind evening of music and art. The musical program begins with Trio by the 19th century master Frederich Kuhlau – taking us back to a time of virtuosity and a thirst for novelty. In the history of music – this thirst never ends as we can hear in the rest of this program! Our programmatic adventure continues with is a world premiere performance of Trio for violin, clarinet & cello by Brazillian composer Liduino Pitombeira, A Closer Walk for solo violin by Matthew Tommasini, Le Moment du Cristal by Yuko Uebayashi & The Telephone Book by Michael Torke. Torke’s minimalistic quintet showcases his ability to uplift and communicate.

Beth Ross Buckley, flute   Karl Pasch, clarinet   Bridget Dolkas, violin
Lars Hoefs, cello   Dana Burnett, piano

Bread & Salt 

1955 Julian Ave., Barrio Logan 
San Diego, CA 92113 United States