Winter/Spring (complete parts and full score)

Winter/Spring (complete parts and full score)

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1. Winter Visions

2. Spring Rounds

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Winter/Spring explores the emotional and physical landscapes associated with the seasons. Winter Visions is a short meditation on an imagined winter landscape. Spring Rounds begins in the depths of the contrabass quartet with building chords out of which emerge a wailing melody. Pitches from the building chords return as rapid, ferocious walking basslines which alternate between members of the ensemble, building to a frenzied climax.

Winter/Spring was commissioned by the 2014 Louisiana Bass Fest at Louisiana State University and premiered February 9, 2014.


2014 Louisiana Bass Fest Bass Quartet

Yun-chieh Chou, John Madere, Brian Powell, Yung-chiao Wei

Louisiana Bass Fest

Louisiana State University

Baton Rouge, LA


February 9, 2014