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Sonic Dreams Made Real (complete parts and full score PDF)


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1. Sonic Dreams

2. Dreams Made Real

(movements performed without pause)



The title Sonic Dreams Made Real refers to the orchestra itself and combines elements of a violin concerto and fanfare. The first movement begins with a repeating, "dreamy" arpeggio played by the piano and percussion. From this arpeggio, a solo violin melody emerges, calling out to other members of the orchestra to begin playing. The lyrical movement builds to a climax as all the members of the orchestra enter, leading into the unrelenting, fast-paced second movement. This movement builds on motives from the opening which are finally transformed into a brass fanfare accompanied by pulsating chords in the other sections of the orchestra to the end the piece.Sonic Dreams Made Real was commissioned by the Holland Symphony Youth Orchestras in commemoration of their 20th anniversary season.


Holland Area Youth Orchestra, Richard Piippo conductor

West Ottowa Performing Arts Center

March 2, 2008