mountains...seas...buildings...trees (complete score and parts)

Tommasini.MSBT - Score - 2015 1.jpg
Tommasini.MSBT - Score - 2015 1.jpg

mountains...seas...buildings...trees (complete score and parts)

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The title of this work comes from a travel guide describing the physical landscape of Hong Kong. As the violoncello and marimba convey images of majestic mountains and frantic urban spaces, to peaceful and haunting visions of greenery and the open sea, the work gradually evolves into an exploration of an emotional landscape.

mountains...seas...buildings...trees... was written for the 2012 season of The Intimacy of Creativity - The Bright Sheng Partnership: Composers Meet Performers in Hong Kong where it was premiered by Trey Lee, violoncello, and Ji Hye Jung, marimba, at the May 1, 2012 World Premiere Concert at the Hong Kong City Hall Theatre.


May 1, 2012

Trey Lee, violoncello

Ji Hye Jung, marimba

The Intimacy of Creativity 2012

Hong Kong City Hall Theatre