Per Non Dimenticare (complete parts and full score PDF)

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PND - score 1.jpg

Per Non Dimenticare (complete parts and full score PDF)

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1. La Furesta

2. Fimmene Fimmene

3. Pizzecu

4. Luna Otrantina

5. Tarantella Frigia

(movements performed without pause)

piano quintet


Per Non Dimenticare (trans. "So We Don't Forget") is inspired by family members from the Puglia region of Italy and based on five folksongs from that region. Known for its nasal, rustic singing style, the songs were historically sung to expel the effects of spider venom. But, in recent times, dancing to these songs has symbolized a way of working out psychological issues, a way of cleansing one's soul. Per Non Dimenticare is about putting one's past in perspective and understanding, ultimately, the connection between personal identity and family history and roots.

Per Non Dimenticare was commissioned by the Connections Chamber Music Series and funded in part by the Composer Assistance Program of theAmerican Music Center.


Lara Urrutia, piano

California Quartet

Bridget Dolkas, violin; Jeanne Skrocki, violin; Pam Jacobson, viola; Lars Hoefs, cello

Encinitas Library

Encinitas, CA


May 23, 2010